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Lacrosse Camps by Doug Shanahan: Lacrosse Director and Head Coach Western High School, Team USA Member, 1st Tewaaraton Winner, 2010 USL Coach of the Year, 2012 Miami Herald Coach Lacrosse Coach of the Year

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These are the type of camps where players get ahead of the pack or can catch up depending on where your current skill level is. 

We look forward to seeing you over the holiday break

Broward Camps: 4 day Training Camps

Designed for all levels of players to improve. We place players of like skill into small groups to compete and polish up their individual skills. These camps are geared towards skill development and game stragtegy. All players will be pushed to get better during each week of camp. 

We are pleased to announce our June Summer Camp Schedule. Each 4 day camp week are for boys and girls lacrosse players age 5-18. These camps are focused on skill, field and situational awareness on the field, often called Lacrosse IQ.

These are the types of camps were you can get ahead of the competition or catch up on lower level skills.

Registration is now open! 

June 8-11th- Mon- Thurs

June 15-18- Mon- Thurs

9 to 1pm at Tamarac Sports Complex

9901 NW 77th St, Pompano Beach, FL 33321

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Campers are responsible for their own lunches, drinks, and snacks